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For students seeking a full semester of credits but who have not obtained a Student Visa to study in Spain, the Spanish Institute offers a no-visa, ninety-day program.  Students take up to four courses at the University of Seville, plus the Spanish Institute’s “Spain Today” course.  Ninety days is the full duration of the University of Seville semester, and students will receive an official transcript for their courses.  In addition, an official transcript is available from our School of Record for the Institute’s “Spain Today” course.  Academic excursions are included in the ninety-day program as are all other services provided to our full-semester students.

Spanish Institute Partner Institutions

Official transcripts are issued by each Spanish university for courses taken at each one, and an official transcript is available from our School of Record, the University of Montana, for Spanish Institute courses.


Closely linked to the history of Seville and Andalusia, the University of Seville combines the values of tradition with being an innovative institution of quality and excellence. It is a university as cutting edge and cosmopolitan as the city of Seville itself and can boast a history of more than 500 years.

Cursos Concertados

These courses for international students are part of the international program at the University of Seville and offer a wide variety of classes to choose from. The “cursos concertados” offer an advanced level and a general level and are both taught in Spanish by professors who teach the courses based on the fact the students understand and speak Spanish fluently. There are also courses in English for those who do not yet have a high enough level of Spanish.

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Philology Faculty (includes courses in the following areas):

Marketing Painting
Business Theater
Advertising Grammar
Cinema Literature

Faculty of Geography and History (includes courses in the following areas):

Flamenco Economics
Art Anthropology
Cooking Political Science
Music History

* Each class meets for 4 hours each week. Students will receive a transcript with their grades, and will receive credit from their own university for classes completed.


  • Personalized University Programs: we adapt to your needs because you are unique. We help you choose one of three prestigious universities in Seville.
  • True Spanish Experience: Spanish Institute will accompany you in your immersion into the Spanish culture making your visit an unforgettable experience.
  • Live Andalusia: art, history, tradition, gastronomy, and more.
  • Accommodation: Stay with a host family to learn and improve your Spanish, share your day to day experiences, and enjoy the delicious homemade Spanish cuisine.
  • Spanish Institute is 100% dedicated to our students. We strive to make your stay abroad a wonderful, unique, and enriching experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Our programs ensure personalized attention at every step of the process.


Seminar throughout the program: “Spain Today”

The objective of this seminar is to accompany students throughout the program, address issues of Spanish society and facilitate a deeper learning of Spanish. This Seminar is offered at the levels of elementary, intermediate and advanced Spanish depending on the number of students and their grammar, composition and conversation skills. The 45 hour seminar is available as a credit-bearing option. Students should ensure that their home institution awards credit for this seminar.

Contents of the seminar:

  • Women and the evolution of society in Spain.
  • The Spanish educational system.
  • Political organization in Spain: Autonomies, Parliamentary System, Monarchy.
  • Unemployment, immigration and emigration.
  • Religion and its manifestations in Spain.
  • Political parties in Spain.
  • Overcoming the Civil War.
  • Greatnesses of Spain: transplants, …
  • Economy and productive forces of the country.
  • The Mediterranean diet and the influence of history on the way of eating in Spain.


  • Academic program at the University of Seville.
  • A seminar on “Spain today” throughout the program at Spanish Institute.
  • Class material.
  • Academic advice before coming to Seville, tutoring, and mentoring during your stay.
  • Spanish placement test before coming to Seville so that our academic director can advise you on the subjects and prepare your personal program.
  • Accommodation with a host family in Seville with full room and board; three meals a day throughout your stay.
  • Participation in the Language Exchange Program
  • Health insurance for non-European nationals with access to the best private hospitals in the city.
  • Spanish Institute emergency telephone number, 24/7 assistance.
  • Airport or train station transfer at the beginning and end of the program.
  • Welcome Pack.
  • Transport card (bus, metro, and tram).
  • Opportunities to practice speaking with local students.
  • Excursions and cultural visits in Seville and Andalusia.
  • Welcome and farewell tapas celebrations.
  • Support from Spanish Institute throughout the duration of the program.
  • Academic certificate.

Optional Services

  • Placement/mentorship for Research or Creative Independent Study Project (internship/service learning).


The Study Abroad Program program includes accommodation with a host family in Seville with full room and board; three meals a day throughout your stay.

Living with a family allows our students to fully discover the Spanish culture, life, and people. At Spanish Institute we believe that this is an important aspect of the program.

The academic year program includes accommodation with a host family and offers the option of staying during the winter holiday period at an additional fee.

For further information about homestay please click here


Our health insurance gives access to the best private hospitals and of course covers everything related to COVID-19. If a student is unwell or contracts this disease, the doctor may prescribe everything from the necessary tests to hospitalization in case of seriousness.

Spanish Institute has developed a COVID protocol to be able to track incidents that may occur, how to prevent and what to do in case of contagion.

All our programs include a 24/7 emergency service.

The insurance included in our program guarantees:

  • Principal Medical Health Assistance
  • Emergencies
  • Medical specialists
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Hospitalization
  • Specialist treatments
  • Preventive medicine
  • Second opinion
  • Travel assistance
  • Repatriation insurance


The Spanish Institute Study Abroad Program includes all of the activities of Discover Seville and Discover Andalusia


You will receive an official transcript from the university in Seville where you take courses. Students should ensure that their home institution awards credit for their chosen program.

School of Record: Students Earn U.S. Credits for Spanish Institute Courses

An official transcript of U.S. credits is available for Spanish Institute courses through our School of Record. Students should ensure that their home institution awards credit for their chosen program. The Spanish Institute offers the necessary documentation for these procedures.

See our School of Record Page.


  1. Spanish Institute for Global Education gives a certificate to the participants for the courses taken at the Spanish Institute detailing the dates, duration, and the name of the course (sillabi available on request)
  2. Spanish Institute for Global Education gives a certificate to the participants at the end of their Independent Study Project program, detailing the specialty, the duration, and the task performed.
  3. Letters of recommendation are available upon request.


Arrival Date: September 15, 2024

Departure Date: December 13, 2024



  • Standard load of five courses:
  • Seminar and practical Spanish (offered by the Spanish Institute)
  • Direct Enrollment at the University of Seville: up to four courses taught in Spanish or English
  • Optional Placement/mentorship for Research or Creative Independent Study Project (internship/service learning) (+€400)
  • 12-15 US Credits
  • Host Family
  • Full Board


What are classes like?

You have the option of taking classes at one of the three universities, the University of Seville, the Pablo de Olavide University or EUSA University Centre. A variety of subjects are offered in Spanish and English. We usually recommend choosing classes from the courses for foreign students instead of taking traditional and regular classes for Spanish students because the structure and content of the classes can be very difficult even without the language barrier. Everything is naturally immersed in the cultural environment and it is difficult to understand without starting from the same background. If you feel encouraged to do it, because you have a high level of Spanish, we will support and help you in your decision, many students have done so. The programs for foreign students are very interesting and varied, you can find more information about the classes on the university websites.

How can I find out what my level of Spanish is?

When you arrive, or even before you come, you will take a placement test with us. This will guide you and help us advice you in making decisions regarding subjects, activities and other options.

Does the program provide us with the books and class material?

At the beginning of the course the program will give you all the materials for the orientation. The materials and books of the university classes must be purchased by you.

I would like to do an internship or volunteer. Can Spanish Institute help me arrange this?

Spanish Institute has a program of internships in schools and companies. We also have a list of volunteering opportunities. All internship and volunteering programs must be requested through the home university prior to arrival. At the end of your stay you will get a certificate.

Is it necessary to have an international student card?

The Spanish universities will give you a university student card. The international student card is not essential, but it is good to have one. You can get a discount at many places all over Europe with a student card. There are several organizations that can give you your student card. The following link is one of them: International Student Identity Card

Do I need a visa to come to Spain?

If you’re from a country in the European Union, it is not necessary. Spain also has agreements with many other countries outside of the European Union, and their citizens are allowed to stay in Spain without a visa if the stay is less than 90 days. However, if you do stay longer you will need a student’s visa. You have to apply for this through the link of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Once you have enrolled at Spanish Institute, and if your stay is going to be longer than 90 days, we will send you the necessary documents for the student visa application. It is a long process, it usually takes 45 days, so you should begin to apply as soon as you can. Any student who has ever needed a visa has been assigned one, so don’t worry! However, you should be aware that all the Consulates do not work in the same way, and in some places, the process is more difficult than in others. You should also realize that if you are going to stay for an academic year, you have to supply your criminal record, which makes the process even slower.

Visas in COVID19

In the previous paragraph you can find the general information to obtain visas, but unfortunately at this time the international regulations have changed and it is very possible that from country to country the situation is different depending on their fight against COVID19. We will help you get a visa that allows you to study in Spain by sending you the necessary documents and certificates to show that everything is in order and show your serious intentions to study in Seville.

Can I travel on the weekends?

Yes! Remember that Spanish Institute arranges excursions throughout Andalusia so check in with them before planning any trips. It’s a good idea to have thought about where you would like to travel so when you get here you can start planning your trips. We recommend you try not to travel alone, talk to some of the other students you meet here to see if you can travel with a friend. There is a program called STEP UP run by the US government that is free and provides US students studying abroad with safety updates for the places they are traveling to. We recommend you log your trips with them as well, so you stay informed of anything going on in the area. Also, remember to budget for side trips beforehand. It’s highly recommended to take advantage of the cheaper flights to various destinations. You’ll also want to experience life in Seville, so don’t travel every weekend.

New situation with COVID19: during the pandemic you must reduce your trips to those strictly necessary. Unfortunately, it is an unforeseen situation that we must address with the commitment of taking care of ourselves and to be in more controlled environments.



Please contact us via email ( where we will send you a doodle form to set up a zoom meeting at the most convenient time for you.


Individual Application Process


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