Accommodation Shared Apartment


  • Distance from your home or apartment to your program
  • Medicine
  • Glasses
  • Internet
  • Changing Shared Apartment

Whenever possible, we attempt to house students at a 20 to 35 minute walking distance from your program. Wherever you live, you will probably end up walking much more than you are used to in your home country, and we encourage you to look at the positive aspects of this situation: Sevilla is a very flat city, the weather is nice most of the year, there are many people out in the streets all the time so you will never feel alone, and you will get in good shape without even noticing it! Sevilla has an excellent public transport system with modern buses, trams, metro and trains.

The Spanish medical system is quite advanced and you will probably be able to find the specific medicine you need. However, we advise you to bring all the medicine you will need with you from your country to avoid any problems because there could be a difference in the components of the medication in different countries.

If you use glasses you should bring a spare pair.

All of our host families and shared apartments have wireless Internet; it is a program requirement. You will be allowed to connect freely. There are also countless wi-fi connections throughout the city. Most cafés and several restaurants have a free connection if you purchase something (even just a coffee!).

If at any moment the apartment situation becomes uncomfortable for you, you must contact Spanish Institute as soon as possible and we will work with you to solve the problem. If necessary, switches will be accommodated.


In this type of accommodation you will share the apartment with other international or Spanish students. You will gain valuable experience and personal enrichment as you learn about a different culture firsthand.  This will broaden your horizon as you will be open for and able to adjust to something different. Flatmates can be in constant contact with a language different from their own which is mutually beneficial.  You will have a bedroom and you will share all the common areas of the house. When making your reservation, tell us if you have any allergies or specific needs. The accommodations we offer have been selected for their compliance with standard qualities and adequate equipment. 

  • What is included in the apartment
  • Laundry

You will be provided with a bedroom which will have some sort of storage space and a fan or air conditioner for the warmer months and a heater in the winter. There will be adequate space to study that includes a chair, desk and lamp. All towels, bed linens and blankets are included and you will have a key to access your apartment. You must keep all common spaces (living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc.) clean.

Keep in mind that Spanish washing machines tend to be smaller and slower (but more efficient and ecological) than the ones you are probably used to. Most households in Spain do not have a clothes dryer. Clothes are normally hung up to dry, something that may take more or less time, depending on atmospheric conditions.




  • 1 Week
  • Shared Apartment
  • Space to Study
  • Internet
  • Extra Night 20€


  • 1 Week
  • Shared Apartment
  • Space to Study
  • Internet
  • Extra Night 20€
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