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María Teresa Alonso

Founder · Educational Counselor · Professor

Her friends call her Macarena, she and her husband, Miguel Becerra, founded Geranios Language Institute in 1982 and since then, they have been working on language programs and with international students. They opened a new office in Sevilla under the name of Spanish Institute for Global Education where the professional team is the same and the program has grown to include more students and researchers from other countries.

Macarena has a doctorate in Bilingual Education from the University of Sevilla. She holds a degree in Philosophy from the University of Navarra and has been a professor of Anthropology at the University of Sevilla and is currently Vice Dean of the School of Education at the Loyola Andalucía University. She also specializes in teaching Spanish to foreigners.

She has dedicated more than 40 years to teaching. One of the most important parts of her profession is teacher training where at mtalonso.com she develops the innovation of the methodology. Macarena studied her last year of high school in the United States and maintains close relationships with schools and universities in the US, Canada, Finland, the United Kingdom, Mexico and the Netherlands.

María José Gómez

Academic Director · Professor

María José Gómez has a degree in Philology from the University of Sevilla and has been a professor for more than 25 years. She is specialist in ELE (Spanish For Foreigners) and holds several certificates in the field. She coordinates the courses for international students at the University of Sevilla, University Loyola Andalucía, Pablo de Olavide University, EUSA University Centre.

María José also teaches a seminar on Spanish Language and Culture and gives courses on grammar, conversation, culture and literature. She is in charge of Spanish Institute's orientation.

María José is the Academic Director of Spanish Institute and she is the academic advisor helping students with their program before arriving in Sevilla and during the program. She has an excellent relationship with her students.

Sandra Rodríguez

Coordinator · Professor

Sandra Rodríguez has a degree in Philology from the University of Sevilla. She is a university professor and a specialist in ELE (Spanish for foreigners). She is Spanish Institute's professor of Culture, Literature and Spanish Heritage. She takes the students on their cultural visits where they recieve a historical vision of Spain. She has been a teacher in a bilingual school for more than 15 years.

Sandra coordinates the Internship program, she is also responsible for the accommodation, the families and for the management and daily life of the students. She oversees student housing, health and safety issues and emergencies.

Sandra shows a genuine interest in the well-being of the students and develops and implements new ideas for the program.

Carlos Barroso

IT Manager

Carlos Barroso studied Systems Administration and various programming languages.

Carlos has more than 20 years of experience, has started his own programming company and has been the IT director of a large group of companies and a private school in Sevilla.

Carlos has been a great support ensuring that all the technologies used by Spanish Institute are operational and up to date at all times.

Mamen Rodríguez

Carmen Rodríguez

Administrative Coordinator

Mamen Rodríguez studied Business Studies at the University of Sevilla. She works on various aspects of the program as an Administrative Coordinator.

Mamen is in charge of all logistical procedures and makes sure that Spanish Institute runs smoothly.

Amparo Gutiérrez

community manager

Amparo holds a degree in Fine Arts where she majored in Graphic and Audiovisual Design. She also has a Masters in Pedagogy.

Since 2004 she has collaborated on the creative development of marketing and graphic design projects. She also works on the event management of cultural activities and she gives painting, artistic and technical drawing courses.

Ying Ying Xu

Educational Counselor for the Spanish Department

Ying has a degree in Architecture and a Master's in Translation, she is currently enrolled in a doctoral program at the University of Sevilla.

Ying has taught Chinese at the University of Sevilla, the university of Pablo de Olavide, and the Chinese Cultural Centre. She is an educational consultant for Spanish Institute for the Chinese department; the person in charge of being in contact with various Chinese institutions, as well as developing material and working on various translation projects.

Ying is a person committed to the Chinese and Spanish world, passionate about education and a great professional in her field.

Miguel Becerra

Miguel Becerra

Sports & Recreation Coordinator

Miguel has a degree in Physical Education Sciences from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. He is currently head of the Physical Education department at the Vedruna Sevilla professional school.

He collaborates with Spanish Institute to ensure that students have the opportunity to participate in sports or physical activity programs.

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