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  • Southern Spain’s capital
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Up close and personal in Seville
Immersive. Attentive. Transformative.



Modern Seville has managed to keep traces of all the most important cultures in its history


Seville is both European and cosmopolitan. It is an open-minded, tolerant society. It is always at the forefront from the cultural point of view


We take pride in our practice of a global, intercultural, responsible and innovative education


Spanish Institute for Global Education offers you the opportunity of living in Seville and exploring Andalusia and Spain
We have more than 40 years of experience
We know how to take you into the heart of the people, the culture, the language and much more
Come with us, Spanish Institute shows you the real Andalusian experience
Feel like you are part of us, we will be like your family in Spain


Unidos por los idiomas, enseñando y aprendiendo de forma eficaz




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Lea Blažević
Lea Blažević
I did a two week intensive course in Spanish Institute and it was the best experience ever. My time was divided between group and individual classes and I had the opportunity to adjust the program according to my needs. Everything was very well organized, from the moment of the first contact to the very last day. All the teachers were not only knowledgeable but also very kind and always attentive. The course was organized in a very dynamic way with different kinds of exercises that allowed me to progress in every aspect of the language (spoken and written production as well as passive understanding). I also learned a lot about Spanish culture and their current affairs. I would highly recommend Spanish Institute to anyone who is looking to improve their Spanish language skills.
Isabela Gois
Isabela Gois
Estudei por 4 meses na escola e tive uma excelente experiência. O conteúdo é dinâmico e é adaptado às necessidades do aluno, além do ambiente ser extremamente acolhedor. Outro diferencial, na minha opinião, é o ensino da história e cultura local. Sevilla é uma cidade riquíssima em cultura e a escola consegue transmitir isso perfeitamente, seja durante as classes em sala de aula, ou em campo, explorando os principais lugares da cidade junto com as professoras, compartilhando o contexto histórico. Tive a oportunidade também de debater em espanhol sobre temas da atualidade, o que foi muito enriquecedor para o meu vocabulário e também para a minha experiência de vida no geral, já que pude conhecer opiniões / pontos de vista de colegas de classe de outros países. Recomendo de olhos fechados!
Marian Lennon
Marian Lennon
In October I took a 1 week course at SI Spanish institute for Global Education. From the outset it was a fantastic, very gratifying experience. Communication before | arrived was great and all the staff both administrative and teaching were friendly, helpful and very welcoming. I was privileged to have individual attention in 10 hours of my course as we were only 2 students. Teachers are very professional and passionate about teaching We had a lovely cultural visit to Ronda as part of our experience. Another highlight of my visit was the time I spent with Ana, my host. Ana is charming ,friendly and great fun. She undertook to act as my personal guide to her beautiful Seville. I appreciate her friendship and look forward to her visiting Dublin soon. Seville is a great location for exploring other charming and culturally rich places.Cadiz,Granada, Ronda, Jerez de la Frontera...and many more. Thanks again to all there and ! look forward to coming back in April 2024.
Jesús A. Castillo Santizo
Jesús A. Castillo Santizo
Excelente experiencia... 😁✌😁 con magníficos profesionales!!!!!!‼️👍👏👍‼️
Hanbin Cho
Hanbin Cho
With Spanish Institute, I had a blast during my two weeks of language classes, guided tours of the city, and a homestay. Someone I knew recommended them to me, and I was happy to confirm how excellent they were. First, everyone from the Spanish Institute team I met carried themselves very professionally and warmly, both in-person and over emails/texts. To me, this was a sign that the school had a great sense of stewardship, caring deeply about each student having a good time with them. My professors came to each class very well prepared to teach interesting topics. Each class I could feel that they sincerely enjoyed helping each student grow. They were full of love. Through the Spanish grammar classes with Profesora Gloria Sánchez, I got so much clarification and practice in using the different verb tenses and moods appropriately. She provided so many good everyday examples and also invited us to come up with many examples ourselves, that later that day, I found myself already enriched in the way I tell stories to the locals. Through Spanish Today class with Profesora María José Gómez, I got to learn a lot about the lifestyles around work and home characteristic of Spain as well recent political hot topics. She constantly invited students to express their own thoughts on these topics, that I felt much more comfortable to discuss these juicy topics with the locals. My homestay mother Leticia was such a warm loving person, that I feel very fortunate that we got to meet through Spanish Institute. Not only did I have a comfortable stay at a place where I could feel at home, we had countless laughter exchanging funny expressions from each of our language that fit the current situation. Last but not least, Sevilla is a very enjoyable city. It is very rich in unique culture and history (evident in their Flamenco and Mudejar art) and the streets are very clean, safe, pretty, and lively. You will see many locals, not just tourists, having a good time hanging out over tapas and light beer on the sidewalks. This kind ambience of Sevilla gave me more motivation to learn the language so that I could enjoy the culture here more intimately. I've been backpacking for sometime in different parts of the world, and my stay in Sevilla with Spanish Institute and the homestay marked a very bright phase in my journey. Not only did I receive excellent lessons in Spanish, I also had such lovely experiences that gave me new reasons to keep learning Spanish beyond my time here.
José Manuel RS
José Manuel RS
Perfecto centro, el personal muy bueno y atento, limpieza impecable. Además buena distribución de las diferentes salas, es ideal.
Pía Ibáñez
Pía Ibáñez
Un lugar muy acogedor y con clases que se acomodan a las necesidades del dia de hoy, muy actualizadas y en linea con la realidad de este mundo globalizado. Ademas sus programas incluyen informacion sobre la cultura Española y Sevillana, lo que enriquece a los cursos y sus programas de inmersion con docentes muy preparados.
Ribhi Othman
Ribhi Othman
I have attended the one month service-learning program in the field of education. So far this was one of the best experiences in my life. Living in seville was amazing. Seeding Lurdes big hugs, she was the woman who hosted me in her house, she is the best! At first I had a bit of a hard time because I wasn’t understanding everything in Spanish, but after a couple of days it has improved significantly. Having Spanish classes and having to use Spanish to communicate with everyone around me made me acquire the language much faster. Also the Team of the Spanish institute - Paula, Macarena, Maria Jose, Gloria and Rocio were all amazing and sweet and had so much patience with us the students. Living alone in a new country with a new language for a month at the age of 18 was such a positive experience, I learned lots of things in this journey and I enjoyed it so much! For those attending I really recommend two main things: 1. Asking the Spanish institute when they are receiving students and how many, and to start the program with them. Because in this way it will be easier to make friends and have people to know and spend time with during your stay. I was so lucky to meet the American students there who came to seville for a study abroad program, and other girls from Europe and my roommate who was from brazil, they were all amazing. Therefore I recommend starting the program when the institute receives a new group of students. 2. Having a background in the Spanish language. I feel like this is very important, it would have been very hard for me if i attended there without knowing a little bit of spanish before, I think it’s very important and would make things easier. You don't have to be fluent or anything, but just knowing basic things in the language. I am really grateful I decided to attend this program, and I miss seville so much!
Blue Van Gelder
Blue Van Gelder
¡Muy recomendable! Las profesoras de la escuela son muy profesionales y super amables. Me sentí como en casa y aprendí nuevas técnicas y ideas para mis clases de español.


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