High School Summer Programs in Spain


Are you interested in spending a summer perfecting your Spanish in beautiful Seville?

We live in an increasingly global society where communication is key, making it advantageous to learn the second most widely used language in the world as a fundamental skill. One highly effective way of improving your Spanish is to take an intensive program of study over the summer period. Our Summer Programs offer language classes, experiences in Seville, and cultural and sports activities. Not only will your Spanish improve through one of these programs – but you’ll also have an unforgettable experience through this enriching adventure! Spanish Institute offers the perfect High School Summer Program options for you – through our Intensive Spanish Courses or our Academic Program.

Intensive Spanish Courses

Through our Intensive Courses, you will receive intensive Spanish classes for four sessions a day in Seville, the largest city in Andalusia. No matter your current language level, you will be able to put everything you have learned into practice to advance rapidly in Spanish. Your Spanish will be a bridge for you to discover another world and another way of life. If you like history, culture, language, sports, nature, and the sea… this opportunity awaits you!


Our Spanish courses are designed for students to reach an effective and operating level of Spanish in a short period of time, focused on helping students to be capable of thinking and communicating in the language. Classes are offered at different levels. These courses are the perfect opportunity to begin to learn or improve your level of Spanish. The program goes beyond class hours, creating an environment with enriching activities. The methodology is participatory, intensive, and mainly oral. Classes are fun, and at the same time require the interest and motivation of students. The grammar is implied, which means it is learned naturally once students know how to utilize structures and communicative skills.

The classes given are:

  • Conversation and communication skills
  • Writing to communicate
  • Use of Spanish (Grammatical bases to understand structures)
  • Historical cultural heritage of Andalusia
  • Spain today, society and culture

The courses, as requested by each student, can be directed to achieve a SIELE (International Evaluation Service of the Spanish Language) certificate.

Personalized programs available upon request.


  • True Spanish Experience: Spanish Institute will accompany you in your immersion into the Spanish culture making your visit an unforgettable experience.
  • Live Andalusia: art, history, tradition, gastronomy and much more.
  • Personalized Programs: we adapt to your needs because you are unique.
  • Accommodation: stay with a host family to learn and improve your Spanish, share your day to day experiences and enjoy the delicious homemade Spanish cuisine.
  • Spanish Institute is 100% dedicated to our students. We strive to make your stay abroad a wonderful, unique and enriching experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Our programs ensure personalized attention at every step of the process.


Spanish Institute accompanies you from the first moment you arrive in Seville. We pick you up at the airport and introduce you to your Spanish family. Before starting the course, you will do an orientation program that will help you adjust to life in Spain and you will receive information about the schedule, how to move around the city, safety and cultural and sports activities.


  • Fifteen weekly sessions Academic Program at Spanish Institute.
  • Class material.
  • Spanish placement test before coming to Seville.
  • Accommodation with a host family in Seville with full room and board; three meals a day throughout your stay.
  • Orientation Program.
  • Participation in the Language Exchange Program
  • Health insurance for non-European nationals with access to the best private hospitals in the city.
  • Spanish Institute emergency telephone number, 24/7 assistance.
  • Airport or train station transfer at the beginning and end of the program.
  • Welcome Pack.
  • Transport card (bus, metro, and tram).
  • Excursions, cultural activities, and sports in Seville and Andalusia.
  • Support from Spanish Institute throughout the duration of the program.
  • Participation Certificate.


  • Documents needed to obtain entrance in Spain.


This program includes accommodation in a host family in Seville with full room and board; three meals a day throughout your stay.

Living with a family allows our students to fully discover the Spanish culture, life and people. At Spanish Institute we believe that this is an important aspect of the program.

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Our health insurance gives access to the best private hospitals and of course covers everything related to COVID-19. If a student is unwell or contracts this disease, the doctor may prescribe everything from the necessary tests to hospitalization in case of seriousness.

Spanish Institute has developed a COVID protocol to be able to track incidents that may occur, how to prevent and what to do in case of contagion.

All our programs include a 24/7 emergency service.

The insurance included in our program guarantees:

  • Principal Medical Health Assistance
  • Emergencies
  • Medical specialists
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Hospitalization
  • Specialist treatments
  • Preventive medicine
  • Second opinion
  • Travel assistance
  • Repatriation insurance


The Spanish Institute High School Summer Program includes three Discover Seville activities and one Discover Andalusia activity weekly


Spanish Institute gives a certificate to the participants detailing the program, dates and duration.

The courses, as requested by each student, can be directed to achieve a SIELE certificate.


You can choose to come from one to three weeks.

The program starts every Sunday from June 30 and ends every Sunday until July 21. Arrival and departure days are Sundays.


Incredible prices for high quality


  • Summer Program
  • 15 weekly sessions of Spanish Language and Culture
  • Host Family
  • Full board
  • Spanish Experience


  • Summer Program
  • 15 weekly sessions of Spanish Language and Culture
  • Host Family
  • Full board
  • Spanish Experience


  • Summer Program
  • 15 weekly sessions of Spanish Language and Culture
  • Host Family
  • Full board
  • Spanish Experience



Please contact us via email (info@spanishinstitute.net) where we will send you a doodle form to set up a zoom meeting at the most convenient time for you.


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