Contemporary Patterns in Language Learning: Becoming Bilingual through Study Abroad

Spanish Institute for Global Education has sponsored this Gateway International Group program.

The conversation between moderator Brooke Roberts (Gateway International Group), and SLA expert Katharine Burns (Carnegie Mellon University), was wide-ranging, for example, touching upon differing pedagogies for language-learning that engage or eschew L1 in pursuit of acquiring L2, strategies for language-learners to think like native bilinguals, the place where apps fit in language-learning, and why “being there” is still relevant. These are the very matters around which the Spanish Institute for Global Education has been designing courses and programs for forty years. Based in Seville, the Institute offers study abroad programs; direct-enrollment options; custom programs for college, high-school, and adult learners; and advanced training for professionals in teaching Spanish and second-language acquisition. With broad networks for internships, service-learning, research, family stays, and more, the Institute taps the richness of Andalusia.

Up close and personal in Seville.

Immersive. Attentive. Transformative.

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