Spanish Institute for Global Education Elective Courses


  • 011 Summer Intensive Language and Conversation
  • 012 Introduction to Spain
  • Spa 101 Elementary Spanish (CEFR A1)
  • Spa 102 Beginner’s Spanish II (CEFR A2-II)
  • Spa 201 Intermediate Spanish I (CEFR B1-II)
  • Spa 202 Intermediate Spanish II (CEFR B2-II)
  • Spa 280 Spain Today/Social and Political Change (CEFR B2-II)
  • Spa 302 Spanish Culture and Civilization (CEFR C1)
  • Spa 306 Advanced Conversation (CEFR C1)
  • 401 Internship and Service Learning
  • 402 ISP Independent Study Project (Research or Creative)
    • ISP Student Self-Assessment
    • Ethical Guidelines for the ISP
  • 501 Photography: The City and The Image (CEFR B2)
  • 502 History Through Spanish Gastronomy (CEFR B2)
  • 503 Literature and Seville (CEFR B2)

CEFR = Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Sample syllabi are available upon request through our contact page.

Up close and personal in Seville.
Immersive. Attentive. Transformative.

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